Girl Scout [EP]

by Girl Scout

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released August 5, 2014

Recorded and produced by Darren Diederich at Darren's Room. Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios. Cover by Jeremy Zerbe, sultry topless modeling by Carly Zerbe.

All songs by Jeremy Zerbe, except "Cops Are Here" by Jeremy Zerbe and Jay Cadwallader.



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Girl Scout Brooklyn, New York

Fuzzy indie rock from Brooklyn. Our new EP is out now.


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Track Name: Cops Are Here
let's start it again
i don't want this to end
let's start it again
and never give in

the cops are here
help me hide the beer
get the fuck out of my house
Track Name: Good Hustle, Hotpants
you were a sexy girl
and i was just some guy
you never saw me at the back of the classroom
i never caught your eye
we used to watch you from under the bleachers
while we were getting high
running laps around the tennis courts
you never had to try

but now things have changed
and how things have changed

i got a guitar
i got a brand-new car
and i'm a singer in a band
a million girls
across the goddamn world
just wanna hold my hand
your mother asked you
if you know my name
'cause she saw me on tv
it's my turn for all the fortune and fame
and i know
you want a piece of me

now i'm the sexy guy
and you're just some chick
i'm doing drugs with the rich and the famous
while you've got two kids
now you watch me from up in the bleachers
for a ticket price
i rather like the way the tables have turned now
it feels so nice
Track Name: Nosebleed
wake up, there's blood on the pillow
still ringing in your head
eighty pounds is a shock to the middle
your eyes are black and your teeth are red

you're bleeding

it never seems like you ever learn
goddamn you ran your mouth again
two fists out, gonna take your turn
broken nose from the shit you said

you're just a nosebleed
Track Name: Where We Slide Down
i don't wanna tell the story of my best friend
so i'll pretend that you just didn't ask
about the time that we were living in alaska
it's in the past, let's leave it in the past

i'm trying hard now to focus on the future
my eyes are shining like a pair of suns
i met a girl and i swear that i knew her
but she said boy, you know you got it wrong

there never was a second chance at okay
we died together on that foggy beach
i know you wanted just to swim into the ocean
but everything was so far out of reach

big hands are shaking, talking all about the profits
they'll make a million off the movie rights
but they don't have to live in limbo with the neighbors
and have the dreams that keep you drunk all night

we were just dumb kids, you don't have to tell me so
we never knew what we did, and now we'll never know
and now everyone will know
Track Name: Summer Green
jump the neighbor's fence
when we know he's not home
spend all night making out in his hot tub
man it feels so nice
to think that we're so free
do what we want like there's no repercussions

in the summer time
this feeling never ends
smoking weed on the roof of your honda
down a shady lane
behind a line of trees
cops roll by but they don't even bother

i wanted you to know
wherever you go, i will follow

when september comes
and you head back to school
i'll feel like shit, but i'll never tell you
because a guilty heart
is not my cup of tea
still i wonder if it's killing you too

i'll just go back to work
like every day before
write a song, one that i'll never sing you
so i can blame myself
for things i should have said
feeling dumb, never knowing what to do

all you ever had to do was ask
there is nothing holding me back here
let me show you what you've meant to me
all this time
Track Name: Glow
give me the air to breathe
i am the earth's disease
give me the sun to grow
the great green world down here below
give me the fire to burn
and keep these ashes in an urn
because i'm a quiet man
i'm doing what i can

i've got it all
i never needed any more

i dreamt i was a tree
but i couldn't grow the leaves
i dreamt i was a stone
but i was all alone
i dreamt that i was god
tired hands and a heavy heart
i just want to feel the glow
and try to make it all i know