+4 [EP]

by Girl Scout

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Thanks always and forever to our friends in Dazzletine, Today Junior, Last Full Measure, and to Rob Mellinger, Braque Hershberger, Eli Rosenwasser, Carly Zerbe, and everyone who comes to shows even though it's late and, honestly, it's kind of a hassle.


released January 20, 2017

All songs by Jeremy Zerbe
Mixed by Brendan Walsleben
Recorded by Darren Diederich at Darren's Room, Danny Heffernan at The Kitchen, Brendan Walsleben at The Dad Pad, Joshua Valleau at The Glass Wall
Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios

Jeremy Zerbe - Guitar, vocals, bass (on Beware of Dog & Red Queen March)
Dane Gaydosh - Bass, vocals (on Beware of Dog)
Mark Frankel - Drums
Brendan Walsleben - Additional vocals
Brandon Tesh - Baritone sax (on Get Yr Dick Hard & Red Queen March)
Harry O'Toole - Guitar (on Beware of Dog)
Luke Rifugiato - Guitar (on Get Yr Dick Hard)



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Girl Scout Brooklyn, New York

Fuzzy indie rock from Brooklyn. Our new EP is out now.


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Track Name: I Don't Like It
i'm taking pills just to get by
i've got a gun but i can't afford the bullets
i'm snorting drugs, trying to stay high
i've got a rope but i've got no one to pull it

because nothing here even feels real
i'm just a ghost hanging out in the shallows
i only love what i can't steal
when midnight comes, meet me down at the gallows

i lost my head through the ceiling
my brother's dead and the devil blames me
it's not hard to lie with no feeling
i sold the car and the fridge and the tv

because when you want it, you need it
my god's a bum, he's a crying baby
and when you cut it, you'll feel it
nothing but death is ever gonna change me
Track Name: Get Yr Dick Hard
there's a man on the screen with a story to tell
pull a coin from your ear for the wishing well
he's got a lie that he wrote himself
to make him feel more like a man

he's taking names, adding to his list
of all the people in the world who are in on this
it starts with god and it never quits
just because he can

this is a party for the lost and desperate
we knew it from the start
if you like to feel your fears compounded
this will get your dick hard

tell the truth, do you really believe
that all of us are just liars and thieves?
we've all got something hidden up our sleeves
to take you down?

or is it you who's playing the game
trading fear, trying to make your name?
or does it matter, is it all the same
when you're living underground?

this is a party for the sad and lonely
we knew it from the start
if you like it when you feel surrounded
this will get your dick hard
Track Name: Beware of Dog
stay back
i've got the drop on you
way back
don't say i didn't warn you to
i've got
all the time just to hang around
and wait here
because you're the only prey i've found

i'm striking from the sky
don't blink
this ain't no fucking lie
i am
a death-machine coming from above
i rip throats
so don't act like you're so tough

what big ears i have
what big eyes i have
what big teeth i have
Track Name: Red Queen March
empty eyes
notice everything
you never know
who is listening
so shut your mouth
and don't make a scene
off with your head
if you question the queen

a hundred years
spend a million more
still hear the dogs
right outside the door
now everyone
on the count of three:
"fuck the dead
let's increase the fee"